Friday, July 24, 2015

a lovely situation

too many steps were made
too many perfect steps
found himself in a lovely situation

took his right hand
tempting to pull apart his mind
but he could not erase it

then tried running
treading in agonizing mud
getting a grip on the pavement

eye to the sky
glimmering shine
caught sight to a blinding horizon

pushed forward in pain
through a blackened meadow
only to see that the light dimmed

confused by the darkness
he sat in fear
realized something settled inside him

arose from this feeling
dug his hand to his heart
pulled out a bolt of lightning

stretched it out forward
to brighten his journey
pulling him faster and rising

he saw the ending
to where that brightness made rest
in a valley where it lied in

his eyes kept shut
braced for impact
scared for what he'd be finding

finally opened his eyes
squinting through the intensity
and saw her there...smiling.

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