Friday, July 24, 2015

a lovely situation

too many steps were made
too many perfect steps
found himself in a lovely situation

took his right hand
tempting to pull apart his mind
but he could not erase it

then tried running
treading in agonizing mud
getting a grip on the pavement

eye to the sky
glimmering shine
caught sight to a blinding horizon

pushed forward in pain
through a blackened meadow
only to see that the light dimmed

confused by the darkness
he sat in fear
realized something settled inside him

arose from this feeling
dug his hand to his heart
pulled out a bolt of lightning

stretched it out forward
to brighten his journey
pulling him faster and rising

he saw the ending
to where that brightness made rest
in a valley where it lied in

his eyes kept shut
braced for impact
scared for what he'd be finding

finally opened his eyes
squinting through the intensity
and saw her there...smiling.

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

so called artist

it's not alright
but i'll be alright
i've figured your style
you got me riled
am i too much of a cynic
well you're a critic
stuck in this wicked sadistic mix
of emphatic lovers trying to fix
this worldly game
and gloat of what they obtained
it's got my brain enchained
you vain vain vain
clogging my veins
you think you're artistic
you merely mimic
mannequins and statues
i can hit you with harsh words to bash you
yet you won't bruise 
still find you infused
in my person
giving this version 
a chance to worsen
falling for every gimmick
wasting every minute
trying to trace your mold and i don't fit it
but my value will exceed
every dream you deem 
of all varieties you've seen
of what you think you need
but empty
you'll be empty like me
based on minor depictions 
on colorless fictions
will bring the self-inflictions
fitting you in with the sick vixens
too dull to admit
that midst the mist
was the perfect grasp for your fist
yet you kissed all of this
so it's farewell
there's no until
because now i can settle
knowing you're nothing special

Tuesday, November 8, 2011


I'll bite my tongue
Explode my mind
My concentration is split in millions
And I'm left for the wolves

Will they devour me
Or will I run?
Under my circumstances
I will leave it up to someone else to decide

Have that decision be life or living
I'd rather have them tear my flesh
Than scatter my feet to another fatality
I would rather get it over with now

If now is it
Then I want now
I'd be a coward to keep running to something new
I would like to have what I've had

My memories should never be memories
But rather they should be my never ending lifestyle
Everyday should be yesterday
And until then, leave me for the wolves.

Sunday, September 18, 2011


Moments in time
I'll cherish you now
Tender enough for this weakening face to smile
That's all I would allow

Soft as a whisper
Told me to never let go
Showed me your intensity 
Surely I now do know

I trampled my footsteps
Tried to find my way
Needed more to raise me up 
I knew you could carry my weight

You brought what I was in need of 
You widened my boundaries
Gave me strength to lift worlds
And lifted me countlessly 

You are a chapter in my life story
But your pages are never through
Words written for the rest of my life
I'll never stop writing you

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Hey Love. 
What if I said,
We could leave this place,
And run instead

Lets get out
Lets get out of here
Lets breach from our certainty 
Lets see what's unclear

We could make time stop
We'll run forever
Because our breathing is undertaking
And our love is all we'll render

Because thieves we'll be
That's all they'll see
Taking all we seek
In awe of their jealousy

We'll escape with our stolen goods
Grasp them so tightly so it ensures
That your heart's in my hand
And mine's in yours

Friday, June 10, 2011


How naive
You are reluctant 
But you achieve

You have me wrapped
Second guessing
But now I'm back

I see you
You're happy
We're falling into

I am happy
Because of your words
This is happening

Take in my thoughts
Picture your face
Mind-framed shots

I believe in this
How piercing your view
How deadly your kiss

Well "I like you"
I say it
But I love you.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


There's a room in my heart
It's the room that you made
I was ready to move forward
But then you dug in your blade
You carved out enough space
Enough for you to lay your head
I guess you'll stay there forever
Make yourself comfortable on a blood-pumping bed
I would like to evict you from my cavity
The eminent abode you perceive
You are shattering my walls
But I could never let you leave
You are infecting my soul
I'll just let life run its course
I will eventually bleed out
But that room is always yours